Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tazzmanian Storm - Tazz

Photo of Tazz at 11 months taken 2/21/2007 with his winter coat

Tazz is a lovely palomino...

DOB 3/26/2006 at 2 wks. old. Tazz is For Sale $2000.00
He is out of our mare Stormy

Jazz-Mi-Tazz, a son of Southern Jazz is his sire. Jazz's offspring are eligible to compete in the National Breeders Cup Show

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Lilly 2006 Filly from Midnight Mary

Lilly at 5 months. Lilly is For Sale $2000.00

Lilly again at 5 months

Lilly at 2 months old shedding that baby coat

What a wonderful sight to wake up to in the morning.....A newborn filly

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Stormy's Girl Serenity

Taken 2/21/2007 Serenity is almost 3 yrs. old

Winter coat

Summer coat. Serenity is For Sale...$2000.00

Serenity was born a beautiful Palomino, DOB 6/18/2004

Three months later she began to shed

Serenity on L and Trinity on R

Danney's Midnight Gold Trinity

Trinity in winter coat 2/21/2007

Trinity and Serenity

Trinity is a Gold Champagne sired by Danney's Pride of Princess S. (Lobo) and our Rambler's Midnight Mary DOB 7/3/2004
Here she is as a 2 yr. old during the summer
Trinity is For Sale $3500.00

She is very lovely

Trinity is a yearling here. What a lovely color Gold Champagne

Trinity is 3 months old here

It was a rainy 4th of July when Trinity was born. One day old and Mary takes her out of the shelter to feed her little girl

Stormy's Candy Investor

Stormy is out of The Investor and Candy's Babe. DOB 3/1992

Stormy's sire: The Investor

I love this photo of Stormy

Stormy's first foal at our farm, born 5/2003, is this lovely Gold Cream Champagne colt, Cristal.

Cristal was born pure white with blue eyes.....Cristal is out of Danney Joe W. a Gold Champagne

Stormy's second foal, a filly, Serenity, sired by Danney Joe W.

Another photo of Serenity, DOB 6/2004

Stormy's third foal, a colt, Tazz, sired by Jazz-Mi-Tazz, DOB 3/2006

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Danney Joe's Cristal Storm FC - CRISTAL

Cristal is our first offspring sired by Danney's Pride of Princess S. (Lobo) and our mare Stormy's Candy Invester
He is as gentle as can be. Like a big puppy dog. His coloring: Gold Cream Champagne
Attach a horn to his head and he'd make the ideal unicorn.... This is him as a two year old

Cristal has gorgeous amber eyes being he is a Champagne

Notice the spotting around his muzzle. This is what makes him a Champagne. He is a three year old in this photo and the one below.

We pasture breed Cristal to our mares and he is quite the gentleman.
We are impressed with Cristal's gentle nature

Cristal as a yearling....Is he handsome or what?

Baby Cristal with his dam, Stormy

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Rambler's Midnight Mary

Midnight Mary at 1 yr. A photo taken at Wayne & Patricia Jacobs place a few months before we purchased her.
Mary was broke to ride after she turned two. She exhibits the same excellent conformation, head shake, rhythm and reach as well as a gentle disposition that her sire has

Mary's sire is Rambler's Traveler

Midnight Mary was bred to Lobo, Danny's Pride of Princess S. a Danny Joe W. son. Photo of Lobo is below. Lobo is a Gold Champagne. Mary's filly, Trinity, is a Gold Champagne.

Lobo, Danny's Pride of Princess S. owned by Zorro Farms

In 2005 we bred Mary to our stud, Cristal. Cristal is a Cream Champagne whose sire is Lobo.

Here is Cristal and Mary

Mary gave birth to Lily, in 2006, who looks just like her